Contain the data monster

The volume of organizational data has spiraled out of control. Sensitive information is stored everywhere: file servers, NAS, SharePoint®, CRM, ERP, Active Directory, Exchange, home grown apps – you name it, it’s in there. Most of it hasn’t been classified; nor is it monitored. Regulators are not pleased. And someone may be stealing your data right now.

Whitebox Security Protects and Manages Data

  • Complete solution for data governance, compliance, and cyber security
  • Identifies and protects sensitive data against internal and external threats
  • Covers structured, semistructured, and unstructured data, in-house or cloud-based
  • Relieves IT of trying to protect all the organizations’ data by itself
  • Patent-pending crowd-sourcing technology gets every employee involved in protecting organizational data
  • Crowd-sourcing speeds implementation and ensures more accurate and educated data protection decision-making
  • Full transparency into who should have access to your data while monitoring, in real-time, who is actually accessing it
  • Notifies you when there’s a problem – without any false alarms
  • Gives you control of the data within your organization

Today’s Data Threat Environment

Top Causes of Data Breaches

Due to Errors, Leaks & Insider Threats
Increase in Targeted Attacks in 2013
Insider Data Breaches Due to Privilege Abuse
Increase in the Number of Breaches in 2013

WhiteOPS™ helps you answer:

Where does my sensitive data reside? Is it overexposed?
Who has access to what? Who should not have access?
Who has accessed what? When and where did access occur?

Who has violated policies while accessing resources?
Who reviewed, approved, or revoked access?
What compliance controls have been violated and by whom?

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Today’s Data Threat Environment

Insider Threat Motives


We protect our clients from internal and
external malicious threats and keep regulators happy.

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